JWN Mechanical Inc. brings a wealth of knowledge to any plumbing solution you’ll need, from plumbing installations and boiler water treatment to radiant heating

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JWN Mechanical provides the kind of dependable residential plumbing services that comes from years of experience, knowledge and dedication to customer service satisfaction. From new home plumbing, renovations or domestic hot water heating systems, you can trust Jost and his expertly trained team will resolve your plumbing challenges quickly and professionally. 
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New Homes

Bringing new technologies to Home Comfort

JWN Mechanical works with new home owners to provide energy saving and cost efficient solutions to ensure your installation is on- time and on-budget. JWN Mechanical also collaborates with home builders with a sensitivity to construction timelines, thus avoiding costly retrofit  challenges to system installations.



Make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality!

JWN Mechanical offers customized renovations with highest attention to detail so you get what you want with peace of mind that it will be done right. Renovating your home is no small undertaking. Whether it’s a new kitchen with luxury plumbing fixtures or basement extension with multiple plumbing requirements, there are many considerations such as cost, length of renovations and more.

If you’re looking to enhance or customize your living space,  call on JWN Mechanical. Jost will make it easier on you by working with you step-by-step throughout the project process, offering insightful recommendations to work within your budget.


Domestic Hot Water Heating Systems

Bringing new technologies to Home Comfort

Domestic hot water systems provide hot water for the kitchen and bathroom sinks, tubs and other appliances. Whether you use a stand-alone or an indirect water heater that is heated using a boiler, JW Mechanical specializes in ensuring that your domestic water heating system meets the needs of your home. When it’s time to upgrade, repair or replace your system, call on JWN Mechanical for expert level service. If you want to relocate or customize your system, Jost can so that too! As Jost walks you through your project needs, you’ll know you’ll be satisfied with the finished product.  JWN Mechanical feels your home should be a source of comfort as long as you live in it, which is why Jost installs all necessary parts of the installation to code to keep your system running for years to come.

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Radiant heating / in-floor heating systems uses infrared radiation to transfer and deliver heat directly through the floor, wall or ceiling of your home, thus keeping everything and everyone warm in the room. It’s a low water temperature system provided by a condensing boiler. A pump pushes the heated water through a pipe loop coil which is installed below the walk surface. A thermostat in each room controls the temperature.
in-floor heating installation

Are you considering floor heating?


> Energy efficient
> No cold spots
> Space saving
> No maintenance needed
> Works for all floor coverings
> No hot surfaces
> Quiet


>High installation cost
>Floor height issue

Why combine forced air with infloor heating?

Forced air heats up the house faster, whereas in-floor heating is a constant temperature. By using both, there is the added peace of mind of having a back up if one system fails. There’s also benefits of added comfort as both systems work together. Consider also the cost savings of putting in-floor heating in basement and main floor and install hvac for the second level/ bed rooms so that you can have air conditioning.

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If you are a home owner, you know that the lifespan and efficiency of your boiler can have a significant impact on your home and family so it’s important to have a plumber you can rely on if issues arise. When you call on JWN Mechanical, you can be assured that the water that circulates within your system is treated properly and extends the life of your boiler.
HydroFill Water Treatment Unit

Residential Boilers

Why is water treatment so important?

Boiler water needs to be treated to correct the pH level and control the conductivity. If the water is too acidic or the conductivity is too high, the life of your pipes will be greatly reduced by oxidation.

Manufacturers require regular water treatment as part of their warranty terms so it’s important to have an expert who understands the process and who you rely on for boiler water treatment. JWN Mechanical is the one to call on to help protect and increase the lifetime of your boiler system for big savings to you down the road.

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